• Christine Barron

Why You Should Have An Online Portfolio

Your resume is expected to be very clear cut and concise. There is an objective, education history, work history and any other factual information that describes the basics of your professional life. (Remember to keep it down to 10 years of experience per page!) But...what about all the other things about you that you want to display and can't fit onto one page?

Enter the online portfolio! You don't necessarily need years of experience to justify having one. Depending on your target audience you focus the content either around your personal life and/or compile a handful of work you have done.

Here are some examples of work/activities you can display:

-Any Creative Graphics (social media, logos, artwork)

-Print Materials (flyers, brochures, cards)

-Presentations (Prezi, Powerpoint, public speaking)

-Content Creation/Editing (YouTube channel, videos)

-Completed Projects (renovations, models, hand-crafted goods)

-Volunteer Experience (community clean-up, rebuilding, food drives, shelter)

-Anything that is relevant to your career path or lifestyle

Remember the point of having an online portfolio is to give just enough information about you to give life to your resume or online application and make it more human than the last submission.

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